Foreign Moon

by Franklin Harris

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Who knew being dead could be this lovely?


released October 31, 2013



all rights reserved


Franklin Harris Paris, France

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Track Name: Ghost
I don't mind being dead,
just as long as I'm in your head.

I could be your ghost in white
coming to you in the middle of the night.

But when you wake up,
I won't be so snug.
I'll be here so far away,
pretending I'm okay.

Though you held me
so close in dreams,
I'll fade away
with the waking of sunbeams.
Track Name: Into the Night
Slipping into night,
thoughts of an evening so bright.
When the moon was in sight.

Laying still in an empty bed,
thoughts of you fill a wondering head.
You're so close to my heart.
When the moon is so dark.

Forgetting everything.
Impossible dreams ring,
like the tolls of the bells that sing.

How can you sing songs of me?
When you've set this bird free.
Wishing you could just see,

that I'm laying still in an empty bed.
With thoughts of you filling my dreaming head.
You're so close to my heart.
You've hit the bullseye with a poison dart.

You know those words I said were true,
and I can never forget you.
You are my love, my foreign moon.

Cause I'm still in an empty bed,
with thoughts of love filling my head.
You've shot me with your poison dart
but you'll never leave my lonely heart.
Track Name: October
I should never have taken the way through the parc.
For though it's but morning, the day remains dark
and the faces of the statues who once smiled my way
seem distorted and twisted in the grim of the day.

October moon, familiar yet foreign, I'll mimic your gloom.
October moon, your light is my lantern and I welcome you're doom.

Lost in the mystery that shadows my mind
seeing devils and demons all dancing in time.
They bid me to join as they tug on my sleeve
I take a step forward and follow their lead.

October Moon.
Track Name: The Devil
My eyes are sunken,
I've been smokin' too many cigarettes.
Hollow is my head

but it clouds with thoughts of you,
your the Devil and I'm your muse.
I love you.

My stomach's empty,
but I feel no hunger pain.
Drink wine till slumber,
so I can see you again.

Cause my dreams are filled with you.
I'm the Devil and your my muse.
I love you.

But those lyrics you've written
fog my every thought.
With such contradiction,
you leave me so distraught.

I can't help but think of you.
You're the Devil and my demons too,
but I still love you.
Track Name: Home
Living a life not lived,
the thought is what makes me shiver in the night.
Am I gonna be alright? Do I even have a pulse?

Leave me alone, this city doesn't feel like home.
But what is home? I couldn't say.
I thought I knew it once but he pushed me away.

There's a hunger that I can't feed.
It's eating away what surrounds me,
and all of this beauty, I can't see.

Leave me alone, this city doesn't feel like home.
But what is home? I couldn't say.
If I find it again, I'll be sure I can stay, I'll be sure to stay.