Soaked and Dangling

by Franklin Harris

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Summer by the Sea


released October 8, 2013



all rights reserved


Franklin Harris Paris, France

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Track Name: Violin Strings
In a world of violin strings and sweetness of spring,
he walks around as if he's meant to be king.
Bow down to the boy who wears the Golden crown.
It's such a pity, such a shame he can't wipe away the frown.
The cold seeps in though you've shut the blinds,
It's dancing around in your jumbled mind.
The king once owned the loveliest bird ever seen
but no one knows where she is or where she's been.
"fly back to us!" They scream,
but he cut my wings.
Holding me back whispers the gone,
violin strings and the voices of dawn.
Track Name: Creature
creature from the deep
Track Name: Kids in the Attic
Children stuck in boxes, tucked within forget-me-not's
sleeping eyes tied shut, with dust.
Where will you go once you grow?
Lost inside shadows we become ghosts of tomorrow.
Slipping down the staircase, with memories to chase.
Kids in the Attic.
Track Name: Milo
I was so lonely living in swamplands, you came to me my only friend.
Though you sat silent, grinning away,
I knew your desire, I waited for the day.
Milo come home, we're so worried about you,
Milo all alone, the world grows dark around you.
You watched the rain slide the window,
playing in the sunshine that's where you wanted to go
and as you turned with a sigh, much to your surprise..
You've scared us like this times before, whether you'll return we're not sure.
but if you do, you must tell us of you're time
how you were able to rescue Reason & Rhyme
Maybe one day I'll be beside you again, in that magical far away land.
and we can watch the symphony of morning sitting silent and content.
I should've never let you go.
Track Name: Lovely
The ghost of a girl roams the streets at night,
headless and homeless, fists clenched tight.
Laughing at the toads in the middle of the road.
When someone says you're dead then the thought consumes your head.
When there's nothing left of pleasant thoughts the soul embarks.
So where does this leave me, if I am just a whisper in the breeze.
My crying eyes so lovely, how coud you kill me?